Getting roof repairs are a big deal, and it is important you have reliable experts that can be trusted. At True Cut Construction we take pride in our craftsmanship and strive to provide each customer with a high-quality roof repair that will last throughout Irondequoit, NY and beyond. We have over twenty years of experience, and the owner, Dudley personally oversees each job to ensure high standards. Check out our gallery today to see our past work. 

Signs Your Roof Needs a Repair

Waiting until things get bad is a poor strategy for home care. There are many telling signs that may suggest you need a roof repair such as:

Shingles Cracked or Missing - Shingles have a lifespan and when they start to crack or go missing, it may be time to get a roof repair. 

Shingle Pieces in Gutters - Over time shingles erode and break down because of the elements. The debris can then get trapped in the gutters causing overflow and improper drainage. 

Interior Leaks - Once water starts to leak into a home, it can cause some major destruction. Water stains can be a sign of a roof leak that is letting moisture into your home. Get this checked out right away to ensure there is no further damage. 

Sagging - Roofs begin to sag when they are wet from all the moisture of the elements. Once you notice your roof is sagging, act quickly because the longer you wait, the worse the damage becomes.